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Receiving prompt payment on your invoices is critical to the survival of your business.

Cash flow is the life blood of any business.

It may sound obvious but your business cannot survive without sufficient funds to pay your bills for stock, services, utilities, payroll, or taxes; not to mention giving you something to live on. As a professional or a tradesperson, "chasing" money might not be something that you're comfortable doing, yet if you give credit to your customers then it must be done, either by you or by someone else. Biz-Mate will help you to keep your cashflow moving by reminding your customers when they need to pay you. We can issue invoices and statements, complete with your business logo, directly to your customers by post or email on your behalf. Provided you give us access to sufficient information, we can follow these up with reminder phone calls or letters to help get your payments in, or advise you when it might be time to contact your solicitor to enforce payment.

Biz-Mate will NOT factor invoices for you, that is to say buy your invoices from you at a reduced rate and pursue the customer for the full amount. There are other companies, including banks, in the market who specialise in this form of finance and you should contact one of these if you need to secure this kind of funding.


Similarly, your suppliers will expect you to pay your bills punctually and many of them will adopt an almost identical approach in their dealings with you. We will advise you when you need to pay your creditors be they suppliers, utility providers or indeed the Revenue Commissioners.

We can help to guide you in terms of prioritising the payments that you need to make so as to minimise the disruption to your business and will liaise with your suppliers to resolve issues before they become problems.