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If you employ staff, they're probably your biggest asset.

If you employ a staff, of even one or two, you will probably view them as your firms biggest asset.You must account for the money that you pay to them, make deductions as required, and they must be paid on time and accurately. With regulations changing regularly, and new obligations on employers, it is extremely difficult for a small business owner to keep up to date with all of the legal requirements. Did you know that in recent years and particularly since 1997 a raft of new laws have come into force which govern the role of an employer? If you already employ staff or are thinking of expanding your business by doing so, Biz-Mate can ensure the accuracy and punctuality of your payroll and keep you abreast of changes in the law as they occur so that any deductions from your employees pay will be fair, appropriate, and remitted to the proper authorities be they, the Revenue Commissioners, a pension provider, a trade union, a court, or any other appropriate body. We can also advise you on non-pay aspects of employment regulations such as Registered Employment Agreements, Written Statements of Employment, Rest Break/Holiday Entitlements and any other duties you may have as an employer. Methods of paying your employees' can be by any of the following which can be agreed between both parties; Cash, Cheque/Bank Draft, Credit Transfer/Electronic Fund Transfer (EFT) to a bank specified by the employee, Money Order Postal Order or Warrant drawn on An Post and these can be changed as you decide to suit your or your employees needs. Your payslips will be delivered to your business premises when required so that you can pay wages on time, or we can send an electronic file to your bank for EFT payments into employees' bank accounts. Biz-Mate will ensure that;