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An online presence is essential for any business today.

Your own website is crucial

Most people agree that a website is an absolute necessity for the promotion of any business. You may be the best in the world at what you do, but that's no good if nobody knows you're out there.

But even if you have a website, how good is it? How old is it? Are you making the best use of the latest technology? With constant advances in technology, you need to update an existing website regularly, we recommend once a year or, at the very most, two years. This is because your competitors are doing the same, and if not them, then newcomers to your industry are establishing websites which are modern, bright, new, fast & effective.

Biz-Mate can work with you to design your ideal site. With the help of our partners, nothing should be beyond reach, no matter how complex.

Social Media sites help you get your message out

There are many ways to "make your presence felt" online and these are constantly evolving. Everything from Blog posts to chat rooms or forums to the myriad of social media sites, and these are becoming more popular all the time. If you use any of these methods, they are best combined with your own website, for three reasons;

  • Your site is still likely to be the "first port of call" for a new customer.
  • You would need to diligently keep your other portals updated to attract visitors.
  • If you are that diligent - you can use those portals to bring the latest news to followers and website visitors. Those portals are also useful to keep your website high on the ratings of search engines, which is essential with so many sites out there.

Biz-Mate can help you to keep your social media accounts working for you.